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  • sigma key pack1+pack3

    Giá bán: 6,000,000₫

    chi tiết sản phẩm


    unlock giải mã mở frp các đời máy huawei chạy phần mềm cho huawei acatel .....

    chuyên mở mỡ frp và unlock 

    mở khóa acatel huawei china ,,,,, các đời xách tay chính gốc 


    Pack 1 Activation for Sigma enables direct unlock and repair IMEI features for the latest Motorola TI smartphones along with unique Yoda method of unlock/repair IMEI for the newest MTK-based Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo smartphones.

    Every Sigma owner can activate Pack 1 and get access to these particular and future features, that will be introduced in this Pack.

    MTK Platform Supported Features: Supported MTK Features Supported MTK Smartphones TI Platform Supported Features: Supported TI Features Supported Motorola TI Smartphones Hi-Silicon Platform Supported Features: Supported Hi-Silicon Features Supported Huawei Hi-Silicon Smartphones
    • Direct Unlock
    • IMEI Repair
    • Repair Security Area
    • Backup and Restore NV file
    • Unlock SIM BLOCK
    • Wrong Code Counter Reset
    • Provider (Vendor/County) Repair
    • Huawei ID remove (requires also Pack2 activated)

    Supported CPUs:

    • HiSilicon K3V2 Hi3620
    • HiSilicon KIRIN910T
    • HiSilicon KIRIN910 V9R1
    • HiSilicon KIRIN925 Hi3830
    • HiSilicon KIRIN928
    • Honor KIRIN930 Hi3635
    • Honor KIRIN620 Hi6620 V8R2
    • Honor KIRIN935
    • HiSilicon K3V2E
    • HiSilicon K3V2 Hi3620

    Pack 2 Activation for Sigma enables service features for the latest Qualcomm Hexagon smartphones.

    Every Sigma owner can activate Pack 2 and get access to these particular and future features, that will be introduced in this Pack.

    Qualcomm Hexagon Platform Supported Features: Supported Qualcomm Hexagon Features Supported Qualcomm Hexagon Motorola Smartphones Supported Qualcomm Hexagon Sony Smartphones Supported Qualcomm Hexagon Vodafone Smartphones Supported Qualcomm Hexagon ZTE Smartphones Supported Qualcomm Hexagon Micromax Smartphones Supported Qualcomm Hexagon Features

    Pack 3 Activation for Sigma enables FRP REMOVE feature for:

    Remove FRP feature using SPFT method Hi-Silicon Huawei Android Smartphones Qualcomm Huawei Android Smartphones Qualcomm Alcatel/Vodafone Android Smartphones Qualcomm Lenovo Android Smartphones Moto MTK Smartphones Mediatek-based Huawei Android Smartphones Qualcomm ZTE Android Smartphones Spreadtrum Huawei Android Smartphones

    IMEI REPAIR feature for:

    Alcatel Qcom based devices

    Unlock, IMEI Repair feature for:

    Sony Xperia C / C4 / C5 Ultra / E4 / E4g / M5 smartphones Huawei MTK Smartphones

    WRITE FLASH for Huawei smartphones

    Flash via upgrade mode Flash via fastboot mode REPAIR using board software files

    Every Sigma owner can activate Pack 3 and get access to these particular and future features, which will be introduced in this Pack.


    trang chủ simakey unlock giải mã acatel . huawei +china +unlock repair imei sony ...... MT6516 / MT6572 / MT6573 / MT6575 / MT6577 / MT6582 / MT6589 / MT6592 . Qualcomm based smartphones . +motorola xt thiết bị đa năng giải mã số 1 cho các model xách tay chuẩn nhất (new hot ) .. ,,,,,,,,update model here

    chuyên chạy lại phần mềm huawei . repair imei mtk  acatel  mtk huawei .....rất nhanh đặc biệt unlock huawei làm imei mtk rất nhanh

    unlock sony khi active pack 2 .không mất credit  ...............

    pack 3 unlock mở các 


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