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  • ufi dongle v2 (có 21.09 )

    Giá bán: 2,000,000₫

    chi tiết sản phẩm

    ufi dongle v2 quốc tế -ww

    tư vấn kỹ thuật thông tin chi tiết  liên hệ  zalo0943383279

    unbrick repair imei repair boot by usb chip qualcom và mtk

    chạy cho các đời máy qua usb rất tiện chạy dc cả mtk và qualcom dành cho oppo vivo hay các đời máy khác nữa

    chuyên flash cho các đời máy mtk qualcom spd asus itel .có file flash cho một số máy 

    UFI Dongle is security dongle to be used with UFI Android ToolBox, No additional activation is needed.

    Ultra low cost, Rich features, Using the same software used by UFIBOX.
    • Universal Platform with support for almost all Android brands and models in the market
    • Debrick Android Intel devices(ASUS, Lenovo, etc)
    • Debrick Android Qualcomm HSUSB QDloader 9008(Xiaomi, Oppo, etc) devices
    • Debrick Android MediaTek(Meizu, Oppo, etc) devices
    • Repair Imei for Android Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek (and another platform in future update)
    • Normal flashing via Fastboot, Intel, Qualcomm Sahara or Firehose protocol, and MediaTek 
    • Regularly Updated Support files for Firmware


    – Universal Android Fastboot flash client
    – Brand and Model based firmware definition
    – Support for Official ASUS .raw and .zip files
    – Backup and Restore Android user data, apk files for before and after flashing
    – Factory reset(erase cache and data ) for Android devices
    – “Factory erase before flash” to clean-up user data
    – “Erase all partitions(blankphone)”, this will erase all userdata partition including factory and config,  imei and calibration data will be permanently deleted.
    this should only be used for “empty board”, for example after you replace the eMMC.
    – Included Root script for ASUS Intel devices(‘#’ icon), based on:
    there are 4 fastboot oem triggers available. For newer device usually “T4” will work, but for A400CG please select “T2”.

    – Intel SoC Platform Flasher for bricked devices
    Supported platform:  Moorestown, Medfield, Merrifield, Moorefield, CloverView and CloverViewPlus
    – Pre-packaged debrick file( available for the following devices:

    • ASUS_T00F(A500CG), ASUS_T00J(A501CG)
    • ASUS_T00G(A600CG), ASUS_Z002(A601CG)
    • ASUS_T00I(A400CG)
    • ASUS_T00K(A502CG)
    • ASUS_T00Q(A450CG)
    • ASUS_Z007(ZC451CG)
    • ASUS_Z008(ZE550ML)
    • ASUS_Z00A(ZE551ML)
    • K00Z(ME175CG)
    • K012(FE170CG)


    currently implemented:
    – Imei repair for Intel SoC platform, specially for ASUS Intel devices.
    – Imei repair for Qualcomm and MediaTek(AT mode or META mode).
    WARNING: IMEI changing is illegal in most countries. Only use this function to restore the original IMEI  !!!

    – Dump all the eMMC partitions
    extcsd, boot1, boot2, gp part and userarea partition
    – Read and write single partition for example factory, config, modemst1, modemst2, etc
    WARNING: dump result might be corrupted due to limitation of adb server and client in the windows environment, to resolve this please insert microSd into the device and use the “Dump to microSD” checkbox
    – Screencap to capture the device screen, might be useful for documentation or repair phone with faulty lcd
    – Clear or Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT bit in the csd field, to fix or avoid “cannot be wipe” problem
    – DragAndDrop handler for adb sideload
    – DragAndDrop handler for apk install

    Download setup at our download page.



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