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  • T3B Intelligent Soldering Station trạm hàn

    Giá bán: 3,350,000₫

    chi tiết sản phẩm

    T3B Intelligent Soldering Station CATEGORY AND TAGS:
    AIXUNHot Sale ProductsNew ProductsSmart Soldering Station 

    Ten functions  Your Ideal Soldering Station

    trạm hàn đi kèm 3 mũi theo máy 

    1.updated by connecting to Aixun platform, and the function of soldering station software could be upgraded infinitely

    2.210/115 soldering pen nano-precision welding, extremely fast heating, 2 seconds melting tin

    3.soldering target and environment, intelligent power compensation and automatic protection.

    4.2.4 inch color display, 100-450 ℃ temperature adjustable, with real-time dormancy induction.

    5.Support T210, T115 two handles, automatic identification of model and working status

    6.Personal habit temperature self memory, three channel temperature fast switching, knob adjustment

    7.The host has built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high temperature operation

    8.Automatic record of working time, automatic reminder of fatigue operation

    9.Super anti static isolation design, meet the industrial ESD standard

    10.Connect to the Aixun platform to customize the personalized startup interface

    • Specifications

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