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  • rtc tool pc 2022

    Giá bán: 950,000₫

    chi tiết sản phẩm


    tool active pc theo mail người dùng  thời gian 1-10p

    mở tool lên đăng ký tài khoản

    nhắn gmail đã đăng ký qua để active

    chuyển khoản 

    techcombank: 1979383555  - nguyễn ngọc điểm  

    . done sau 10p

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    - Qualcomm  * Add Samsung MDM Bypass just one clicked  * Fix Qualcomm write speed and other major bugs
    - Mediatek  * Add Vivo MT6765 Preloader mode read/write  * Add Samsung Change Carrier Id  * Fix Mediatek major bugs
    - Samsung  * Add Read Info via Adb mode  * Add change carrier id via Adb mode
    - Adb (Xiaomi Sideload)  * Add qualcomm/mediatek Readback full firmware without auth (world first)  * Add qualcomm/mediatek flashing firmware without auth (world first)  * Add qualcomm/mediatek services such as    - Read device info    - Bypass Mi Account (Qualcomm)    - Factory reset    - Reset settings    - Wipe data    - Format data    - Format storage    - Format storage data    - Wipe storage data    - Enable MTP Mode (some devices)    - Disable MTP Mode (some devices)    - Wipe EFS
     RTC TOOL Version 2022.10.20
    - Qualcomm  * Add Samsung Change Carrier Id
    - Mediatek  * Add Oppo A17 (CPH2477) Direct Unlock    * Fix Mediatek RPMB Read/Write Bug 


    RTC TOOL Version 2021.12.18


    - Mediatek

    * Fixed reset FRP then device bricked

    * Fixed bug on Oppo/Realme MDM Unlock

    * Add new Oppo Network Direct Unlock

    - Oppo A12 (CPH2083)

    - OPPO A15, A15s, A15New (CPH2185,CPH2179)

    - OPPP A16 (CPH2269)

    - OPPO A31 (CPH2015)

    - OPPO A54 (CPH2239

    - OPPO A93 (CPH2121)

    - OPPO A94 (CPH2203)

    - OPPO Reno2 F (CPH1989)

    - OPPO Reno6 Z (CPH2237)

    - Realme 7 5g (RMX2111)

    - Realme 8 5g (RMX3214)

    - Realme C3 (RMX2020)

    - Realme C11, C12, C15 (RMX2185,RMX228x)

    - Realme C20, C21 (RMX3201,RMX3202)

    - Realme C25 (RMX3191)


    - Fastboot

    * Add Flashing for Qualcomm Xml Firmware and Mediatek Scatter Firmware [Beta]


    RTC TOOL Version 2021.12.30 [NEW YEAR BOOM UPDATE]


    - General

    * Add zipping file on backing up important data


    - Mediatek

    * Add write firmware mode for multiple socs

    * Add to show clearance device information

    * Add Fix Orange Message on Oppo Device, If failed can be restored normal mode

    * Fix auto emi config failed on second connection

    * Fix Port error on readback data

    * Fix Direct Network Unlock problem on Realme8 5G

    * Fix disable dm-verity on some devices


    - Qualcomm

    * Fix to improve qualcomm connection on loader sent

    * Fix loader sent problem on some devices


    - Fastboot

    * Add Flashing protocol for Mediatek Scatter file, Qualcomm Xml file and RTC Firmware directly


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.02.06 [BIG BOOM UPDATE]


    - General

    * Add Testpoint pictures

    * Add Driver details information on Readback, Flash, Write and Service Operation


    - Mediatek

    * Add Direct flash Samsung Fimware (TAR, TAR.LZ4) on BROM Mode

    * Add Wipe Data, Format Data, Reset Setting Safe Method

    * Add Huawei Factory Reset Safe Method

    * Add Vivo Factory Reset Safe Method

    * Add Oppo/Realme Factory Reset Safe Method


    - Samsung

    * Add direct flash Samsung Firmware (TAR, TAR.LZ4) on Samsung Download Mode


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.02.11


    - Mediatek

    * Fix Oppo/Realme MDM Unlock (Android 11/10)

    * Fix Oppo A54 Direct Network Unlock

    * Add Supported Model on log


    - Samsung

    * Fix direct flash Samsung Firmware on Writting partition table


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.03.27


    - Mediatek

    * Add New Security VIVO Block Brom

    - Y21 (PD2139xx) Without Testpoint

    - Y15s,Y15a (PD2140xx) Without Testpoint

    - Y12,Y15 (PD1901xx) Without Testpoint

    * Added VIVO Y33s Support (Need Testpoint)


    - Fastboot

    * Fixed Fastboot Flashing Mode


    - Samsung

    * Fixed Samsung Flashing Odin Mode


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.04.03


    - Mediatek

    * Add New Security VIVO Block Brom

    - Y12s (PD2036xx) Without Testpoint

    - Y3s (PD2074xx) Without Tespoint

    * Added VIVO Auto Backup on MDM Lock

    * Added VIVO Version on Read information

    * Fixed is_download false on scatter file bug


    - Fastboot

    * Fixed Fastboot Flashing Mode


    - Samsung

    * Added Samsung Rtc Firmware Flashing

    * Change Odin Firmware Directory Mode to Files Selection Mode


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.04.08


    - Mediatek

    * Add Direct Unlock Realme 8 4G (RMX3085)


    - Samsung

    * Add read information on download mode and normal (comport) mode

    * Add factory reset on normal (comport) mode

    * Add reboot to download on normal (comport) mode


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.05.11


    - General

    * Add show user information such as expired date and credit


    - Mediatek

    * Fix Mediatek Port not found problem


    - Samsung

    * Add Samsung Frp via Enable ADB method

    * Fix Samsung Rtc firmware flashing problem


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.05.28


    - Fastboot

    * Add New Vivo Service

    - Read device information

    - Reset factory default

    - Reset Frp lock

    - Generic unlock bootloader

    - Generic relock bootloader

    - Remove demo lock

    - Reboot to Edl 9008 Mode


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.07.05


    - Qualcomm

    * Add Oppo Factory Reset, Oppo Frp unlock and Oppo Demo Lock remove for following models

    - Oppo A11S [CPH2179]

    - Oppo A32 [PDVM00]

    - Oppo A33 [CPH2137]

    - Oppo A36 [CPH2185]

    - Oppo A53 [CPH2127/CPH2131/CPH2133]

    - Oppo A53s [CPH2139/CPH2135]

    - Oppo A73 [CPH2099]

    - Oppo A74 [CPH2197/CPH2263]

    - Oppo A76 [CPH2375]

    - Oppo A95 4G [CPH2365]

    - Oppo A96 [CPH2333]

    - Oppo F17 [CPH2095]

    - Oppo F19 [CPH2219]

    - Oppo F19s [CPH2223]

    - Oppo F21 Pro [CPH2363]

    - Oppo K9s [PERM10]

    - Oppo K10 [CPH2373]

    - Oppo Reno4 [CPH2113]

    - Oppo Reno5 [CPH2159]

    - Oppo Reno6 [CPH2235]

    - Oppo Reno6 Lite [CPH2365]

    - Oppo Reno7 [CPH2363]

    - Oppo Reno7 5G [CPH2371]

    - Oppo Reno10x Zoom [CPH1919]

    - Realme 7i [RMX2103/RMX2104]

    - Realme 9 [RMX3521]

    - Realme 9 5G Speed Edition [RMX3461]

    - Realme 9i [RMX3491]

    - Realme C15 [RMX2180/RMX2183]

    - Realme C17 [RMX2101]

    - Realme GT Master Edition [RMX3363/RMX3360]

    - Realme Q3s [RMX3461]

    - Realme Q3t [RMX3462]

    - Realme X3 [RMX2081]

    - Realme X3 SuperZoom [RMX2085/RMX2086]

    * Add Unlock Huawei Id


    - Mediatek

    * Add Samsung Network Unlock

    - Galaxy A13 5G (SM-A136U/SM-A136U1)

    - Galaxy A21 (SM-A215U/SM-A215U1)

    - Galaxy A03s (SM-A037U/SM-A037U1)

    - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (SM-T227U)


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.07.19


    - Qualcomm

    * Add Bypass Mi Account

    * Add Restore Mi Account Bypass

    * Fix Oppo FRP Reset bug

    * Fix flashing protocol bugs

    * Fix some protocol/security bugs


    - Fastboot

    * Add Direct Flash Huawei Firmware (


    - Misc

    * Add Huawei App Frimware Extractor (sparse/unsparse image)

    * Fix Oppo Ofp Firmware Extractor (sparse/unsparse image)


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.07.31


    - General

    * Fix port detection reliablity

    * Fix port/usb detection bug

    * Add adb/fastboot reboot options


    - Mediatek

    * Add MT6781 supports readback, flashing, unlocking bootloader and so on


    - Fastboot

    * Fix fastboot flashing protocol bugs


    - Huawei

    * Add Huawei Upgrade Flasher from download/normal and fastboot mode interface


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.08.03


    - Mediatek

    * Add Oppo A77 5G (CPH2339) Direct Unlock


    - Fastboot

    * Fix fastboot flashing device bricked bug


    RTC TOOL Version 2022.08.07


    - General

    * Add adb/fastboot direct protocol


    - Mediatek

    * Add Oppo A57 (CPH2387) Direct Unlock


    - Fastboot

    * Fix fastboot service bug